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Mahari Dance At Kala Bhoomi

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Gotipua and Odissi, the two most celebrated dance forms of Odisha have had its origin from the 1000 year old Mahari Dance. As dancers of the deity, the Maharis sing verses from the Gita Govinda to perform and please the divine trinity of Lord Jagannath. Great Ladies, as the term Maha-(Na)ri signifies, the temple dancers in the olden times occupied a prestigious position among the elites in a society.

The poetic melodies when went in sync with the expressions of the dancers begot stunning performances in the sanctum sanctorum back then !

Begetting more stunning recitals at stages today.

Kala Bhoomi hosted the Mahari Dance Performance for its Museum Walkers and visitors on 15th July 2018 during the Rath Yatra weekend . This cultural initiative is supported by Odisha Tourism and Detour Odisha .

Cultural Troupe :

Rupashree Kala Mandir , Puri

Photos By :

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