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Inaugural Museum Walk - 16 June 2018

The crafts of Odisha are a household name in every nook and corner of the country. The age-old ways of sculpting, weaving and painting have generated a variety of handicrafts and handlooms that explicitly reflect the state’s diverse culture. The walk was aimed at bringing alive the image of Odisha through its tales of lineage and share it with people from distant lands.

Saneeya Singh from the museum guided the visitors while archaeologist and co-founder of Viraasat-e-Hind Foundation, Jitu Mishra, explained about the display and aspects of tribal life and sociology. The museum walk was organised to give tourists and local people an ‘experience’ of a different sort. The Museum Walk could also sensitise local people about their past and in turn help them conserve their own culture and have a sense of pride in their heritage. Museum Walk can also be effectively used to initiate community-based efforts for the conservation of heritage, arts and crafts !

The courtyard of the museum, located near the beautiful water body, reverberated with live music with tabla and flute recital. That apart, a performance of Sambalpuri dance at the amphitheatre was enjoyed by all participants towards the end of their walk. 

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