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Ghumura Dance At Kala Bhoomi

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Kalahandi - the pot of all arts, is home to a plethora of culture. One of such is the ancient war dance called Ghumura. The dance derives its name from a musical instrument the dancers use.

Ghumura has remained alive through the pages of our mythologies. A combination of Lord Shiva's Damaru and Goddess Saraswati's Veena, according to our revered mythical tales, the Ghumura is believed to have been used by Goddess Durga to kill the demon Mahishasura. Carvings on the walls of Konark Sun Temple and paintings in the caves of Kalahandi are proof of the origin of Ghumura Dance.

The musical instrument of Ghumura has been a personal favourite of the Gods for the heroic music it produces. So has been the dance form.

A blend of the classical and folk style, the Ghumura Dance of Kalahandi is a treat to eyes.

Kala Bhoomi hosted the Ghumura Dance Performance for its Museum Walkers and visitors on 08th July 2018 .This cultural initiative is supported by Odisha Tourism and Detour Odisha .

Cultural Troupe :

Mahavir Sanskrtuika Anusthan , Bhawanipatna

Photos By :

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