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Galleries In Odisha Crafts Museum

At Kala Bhoomi we have 10 galleries out of which 8 are open to the public.  The Handicrafts galleries are on Terracotta, Traditional Paintings, Stone and Wood carving, Natural material crafts and Tribal Crafts. The Handlooms galleries display unique and antique raw materials and equipment as well as variety of Handlooms from across the state.  Several handloom and handicraft items are very rare and over a 100-year-old !

1 - Terracotta Gallery

2 - Traditional Paintings Gallery

With the colours taken from natural products, the craftsmen of Odisha have had their love affair with the varying tints of dyes from the very inception. Of the pigments they obtained, they smeared all their crafts ranging from masks of different shapes to tiny toys, beautiful boxes etc. This gallery hosts an array of colourful artefacts and Pattachitra paintings which is one of the oldest forms of painting in the Indian subcontinent.

3 - Stone and Wood Carving Gallery

From carving the Jagannath trinity to shaping the chariot they are seated in, Wood Crafts of Odisha goes as long as the tales of the trio date. The wood carvers indulge in the making of a variety of decorative as well as utilitarian objects covering idols of Gods, mythical figurines and fancy toys for kids .

As explicit from the striking temples of Kalingan School of Architecture, the stone sculptures of Odisha too are precisely chiselled out forming intricate attractive effigies. Reflecting the grandeur of a rich heritage, stones engraved are but memories of a glorious past.

4 - Metal Crafts Gallery

The timeless charm of silver metal has been a matter of great delight in usual, what adds more sparkle to the substance is the work of Tarakasi. The Silver Filigree work of Cuttack involves the melting, soldering and polishing of silver wires to render a product of intricate designs in the form of jewelleries, ornament boxes, show-pieces and more.

5 - Natural Material Crafts Gallery

Be it crafts made out of Bamboo or Golden Grass or Palm Leaf or any other remainders from the farm, the village women in rural small scale industries can braid almost anything to design a hat or case or box or basket. The artistic pursuit not only empowers the women but the crafts they make also come out to be environment friendly. The speciality, however, rests in the fact that they are more flexible and durable than most of the other similar products available in the market today.

6 - Tribal Crafts Gallery

Crafts of the Tribals are but beautifully rendered depictions of the lifestyles of the mountain-dwellers. Each of their customs and rituals entail a handful of hand-made articles and tools. They vary from tribal ornaments to utensils to home decors and more

7 . Pre-Weaving Techniques Gallery

In Odisha, three varieties of silks are predominantly used for weaving of fabrics namely Mulberry, Tassar and Eri. Even though the job is rather tedious, the tribals in search of livelihood are engaged in this low profit occupation of rearing silkworms. This gallery showcases the pre weaving story and techniques along with natural dyes that have been extracted from different sources like root, jackfruit, lac, , pomegranate, catechu, indigo, etc.

8. Handlooms Gallery

The Textile tradition of Odisha is old yet classic. From the Sambalpur wove cotton ikat saris to the Cuttack region’s Tussar silk; from the Bomkai of Ganjam to the Kotpad saris – the Odia handwovens are one of a kind.

All in all the museum celebrates our state’s glorious handloom, handicraft and tribal traditions as well as our rich culture and heritage.


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