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The Land Of Utkal

Utkal. The very name of Odisha suggests the magnificent art the state generates.

Apart from the enchanting landscapes, wildlife and heritage, the state also has to its name an identity of bearing an ancient tradition of producing splendid pieces of handicrafts since time immemorial. From stone works to wood crafts, applique oeuvre to metal designs, the craft work varies with the materials.

In spite of the machine revolution replacing all the manual labours and transforming the industry into a wholly mechanised sector, each district of the state makes an equally rich contribution to the existing stock of hand-made crafts.

The splendid manifestation of a sculptor’s skills is very well reflected from the majestic temples that have withstood the ravages of time. Not just that, the flair carried on as the land’s legacy is evident from the distinctive styles of sculpting, weaving and painting.

A beautiful blend of customs that the state already was, the magnificent variety of handlooms also makes the place an amalgamation of colourful costumes.

In addition, the art of showcasing skills in wide range of materials have rendered a rich collection of aesthetically elegant crafts.

Kala Bhoomi is a one of a kind Crafts Hub created to display all the Handicrafts and Handlooms of the state in one place. It aspires to be an experience which will bring alive the customs and traditions , legends and folklore , art and craft and the ageless culture that is Utkal !


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