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2nd Museum Walk - 17 June 2018

Look through the casket they crafted and you find their cultures, lifestyles, customs, stories and emotions treasured inside it..

The 2nd Museum Walk after the Inaugural was filled with 65 enthusiastic walkers who enjoyed every bit of the walk through the curated galleries . The visitors comprising various age groups and interests scanned through galleries on terracotta, traditional painting i.e. pattachitra and palm-leaf etching and painting on papier-mâché. They also went through the wood carving, stone carving , metal, pre-weaving techniques, tribal crafts, handloom and saree sections before joining the live workshops where the artisans were busy making clay souvenirs on their wheels. More visitors trickled in later in the evening for the theatrical performance of " Prahlada Nataka " in the amphitheatre .

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