For some people, the word 'museum' conjures up an image of dusty, cobweb-filled places filled with bored schoolchildren on an excursion. For many others, museums are leading destinations to spend leisurely Sundays, indulging in delicious food while catching up with friends. At Kala Bhoomi, we aspire to be more than just a collection of unique objects. Thus we are devoted to creating a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

13 ACRES  

Spanning across 12.68 acres at Pokhariput, Kala Bhoomi was developed as the one stop for Odisha Handicrafts and Handlooms. Featuring 10 galleries 8 of which are open, the campus also has an impressive set of other amenities.  The galleries cover Terracotta, Traditional Paintings, Stone and Wood carving, Metal crafts, Natural Crafts, Tribal Crafts, Pre-weaving techniques and Cocoons and lastly Handlooms. Other than that, there is an Outdoor Amphitheatre, special workshop area, children’s play area, an outdoor canteen and a souvenir shop. A unique feature of the museum is the outdoor display sections in the form of courtyards. Courtyards dedicated to Tribal living and Temple architecture are part of the museum complex while the entry courtyard which leads up to the museum has a special large container display section as well as a Kuldevi temple.

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Kala Bhoomi is a one of a kind Crafts Hub created to display all the Handicrafts and Handlooms of the state in one place. The journey to create this museum started almost 8 years ago when the Handicrafts and Handlooms department set out to look for a piece of land in the capital. After almost locking in on 2 different pieces of land, the government finally decided to dedicate the current patch of land to Kala Bhoomi. Inaugurated by the Chief Minister on the 22nd of March 2018, the museum has been attracting people organically ever since. The Handicrafts and Handlooms department has taken constructive steps to increase awareness and bridge the gap between the consumer and maker.

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Our mission is to give people the chance to engage with the Handicrafts and Handlooms of Odisha in a bid to increase awareness and appreciation. Along with a focus on making the everyday museum experience dynamic and interesting we also hope to bridge the gap between craftsmen and consumers.